Measured Building

Fairfield Banks can provide the complete range of measured building survey services including Floor Plans, Elevations and Sections.


Each element of the property can be surveyed independently or as part of a fully connected co-ordinated survey which will reference the floor plans, elevations, topographical surveys and underground investigation to a common grid and level datum. This data provides an essential 3d resource for architects and designers whether for refurbishments, alterations or record purposes.

Features & Benefits

Floor Plans, Elevations and Sections

We undertake all our building surveys using state of the art on-site software, specifically written for carrying out this type of work. This provides efficient, continuous visual and dimensional checks, bespoke layering conventions offer the ability to differentiate between structural and non-structural wall types (where definable non-intrusively) therefore adding value and information to the standard floor plan. Depending on their complexity buildings will be measured using either Reflectorless Total Stations or Laser Scanners with results supplied in either 3D or traditional 2D formats.

3D Laser Scanning

Laser Scanning is the process of rapidly collecting 3D points which through their density represent a “point cloud” this can be manipulated and enhanced to produce 3D models or simply issued as cloud data. Fairfield Banks offer this service utilising the latest Leica scanners and processing software, to provide clients with a full 3D real-time data capture solution suitable for highly detailed work, or within areas which require rapid data collection.

Intelligent Surveys

We have adopted specialist software to enable additional “intelligent” information to be added to our measured building surveys. This extra data, such as room use or floor covering, can be “tagged” to individual rooms to enable comprehensive database extraction for analysis – for example ‘How much corridor space do I occupy that has a laminate floor covering?’ – adding tangible value to traditional CAD floor plans for use during refurbishment or renovation, for example.

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